Solar Panel Pigeon Protection Dover

Solar Panel Pigeon Protection Dover

If you need Solar Panel Pigeon Protection Dover, call us for a free quote to install long lasting wire mesh around your solar panels to stop pigeons and other birds nesting under your solar panels Dover, Deal, Sandwich or Folkestone.

Unfortunately underneath your solar panels is a nice warm weatherproof shelter for nesting birds, especially pigeons who prefer man made structures everywhere as a des res, solar panel wire mesh systems can prevent all this.

Why use solar panel protection?

Bird noise such as scratching, pecking and cooing around the clock may annoy you enough, but you must think of the potential damage to your roof and your expensive solar panel system.

The connection blocks and the associated wiring can be damaged by the acidic qualidities of bird waste, try leaving it on your car bonnet for a month to see the damage it can cause, this is a health hazard and there are many diseases associated with this mess.

For a free quote for Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Deal, Dover, Kingsdown, Sandwich, Folkestone and East Kent, give us a call on 07889 287880.

Gutter Issues

With the birds comes the associated risk of blocking of gutters and downpipes, this in turn will contaminate rain water in your rain butts, another nasty. Getting your gutters cleaned is not a cheap or easy problem to resolve due to roof access issues.

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